Monday, January 25, 2010

the secret is in the sauce.

Tonight's dinner was a quick and easy crowd pleaser of grilled cheese burgers with tater tots. Nothing fancy..... just honest to goodness YUM factor.

My only secret to making burgers FANTASTIC.... is my sauce.
I will tell you about it.... but I warn you..... it can be HARD to find. Just when you find it and fall in love.... it is gone again! I found it for the first time at my local wal-mart. Since then, NO luck. Hubby picked some up at Wal-mart in Memphis while there on business. Luckily, I just found a handy tool on their website to find out where to buy it. I fancy the all purpose version. I use it on steak, burgers, and meatballs. I LOVE this stuff. I promise, you will too!

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